Over the past 10 years I have been fortunate to share the stories of some incredible people through my role as a Journalist at the Hervey Bay Independent and The Daily Advertiser.

A couple of the stories that challenged and shaped me as a journalist include:

Hervey Bay Independent

The Daily Advertiser

As well as so many of the smaller publications we produced during my time at Sunrise Children’s Villages:

And my all-time favourite group of ukulele bandits – the HUMPS:

I am a professed storyteller. I have always loved writing. And at the heart of that love was the people, events and communities.

Sharing their stories was (and still is) a privilege.

As a journalist or a writer you are given incredible power. You see people at their best, standing in their power, achieving greatness, living their purpose, and you also see people at their lowest, when the chips are down, when they’ve encounter heartbreak, tragedy and are fraught with fear.

They trust you to tell their story, to honour them, to do justice and be fair.


Image credit: The Hervey Bay Independent